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From jewelry and candles to throw pillows and recipe books, these are some of the most thoughtful zodiac gifts you can give this year. You can't go wrong with a candle, and these zodiac candles are made with essential oils and crystals to correspond with each astrological sign.

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For your astrology-obsessed friend who also appreciates a good cocktail, this recipe book of drinks for every zodiac sign is basically the perfect gift. Zodiac-themed jewelry is a thoughtful option—go with a pendant that represents the symbol of their sign, like this one from Kate Spade. Or let them go starry-eyed for this dainty necklace with stones to represent their sign's constellation.

This personalized pocket mirror is a sweet option that they'll carry with them every day—get it engraved with the positive attributes of their sign, or request a custom message to personalize it.

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They'll stash away trinkets and jewelry in this stunning Michael Aram box featuring their sign's symbol. These graphic zodiac sign throw pillows are a fun, stylish option. This catch-all dish features their sign's constellation on the lid, but when they open it, they'll be reminded of their sign's most positive attributes. Another jewelry option? If they're a Libra, suggest trying a French Or, if they're a Capricorn, they'll love a classic Old Fashioned.

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Whatever they decide to mix up, just make sure they make enough for two. Well, you've got to put your zodiac sign lipstick somewhere, right? Because each zipper pouch is embroidered, each design looks handmade and will last for years. And if you or your friend isn't into makeup, you can always use it to hold other odds and ends.

If your pal is obsessed with how each new moon, super moon, and oh yeah, worm moon will affect their sign, then they'll love this hoodie that celebrates their devotion to the lunar cycles. And if you happen to get a matching one, well that's just what happens during a full moon Not only can you customize this to match your or your BFF's sign and favorite color, but you can even get a personal message engraved on the inside. Maybe something like, "You're out of this world"?

Just kidding unless you're into it.

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  6. The perfect house-warming gift for the astrology buff in your life, this clean burning, aromatic candle mixes Tuscan rosemary, black currant, Bulgarian rose, wild lavender, and more to create its signature Amber Rising scent. Your BFF will feel so zen every time they light it.

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    If your bestie can't live without checking their monthly horoscope , they'll love this celestial print mouse pad that's both cute and functional. Each of the 12 zodiac signs falls into one of four elemental signs: water, earth, fire, and air. Regardless of whether the Pisces in your life knows they're a water sign, they'll appreciate the extra thought you put into this gift—and the fact that that thought resulted in a luxe body wash.

    Looking for the perfect birthday gift for the coffee-loving, astrology-loving person in your life?

    ZODIAC LEO Sterling Silver Star Sign, Astrology Constellation Necklace

    Found it! Not only is the constellation design super cute, but you can customize it with your friend's name and birth date for free. You know that friend who's always blaming their chaotic life on Mercury being in retrograde, but you still love them anyway? Or, plot twist, that friend is you? This T-shirt will help them get their message across in a cute way.

    Give your BFF the gift of an even better friendship with this book all about using astrology to navigate relationships. It teaches readers how to better deal with family members, friends, and romantic interests—all based on their sign's personality traits and potential compatibility. Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. If you and your friend's zodiac signs are proven compatible yay! Even if your signs aren't the most compatible, you can get this for your friend and their partner or even their child's sign.

    DIY Constellation Wall Art

    And since this ring is fully customizable, you can always opt for just one sign. Friends don't let friends keep their phones unprotected, right? Choose between two colorful and playful phone case options for a friend, or get a matching set so you and your BFF can always stay in touch—and look good while doing it. You don't have to be an astrology buff to love this dinosaur constellation blanket, but it sure doesn't hurt. Get this for a friend who has a quirky sense of humor and will get a laugh incorporating it into their decor. If your friend can't get enough of constellation jewelry I mean, who can?

    Perfect for someone with multiple piercings, the two different studs also add a twist to regular earrings when worn one in each ear. At the end of the day, everyone needs a catch-all dish for all their new astrology-based jewelry. Remind your bestie how special they are on a daily basis with a gorgeous dish that customized for their sign. Plus, each one has a surprise at the bottom—a few positive descriptive words spelling out their best qualities. Type keyword s to search.

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